TECOM’s “All-Smart Portable Vibration Diagnosis Instrument” is a new generation vibration measurement instrument for machine equipment.

The portable case contains IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway, smart vibration sensors, and standard mobile power-pack.

Craft person can carry to site for measurement diagnosis operations.

The Gateway able to connects  up to 4 sensors, and its WiFi allows multiple craft persons for simultaneous analysis.

On-Site use of the instrument
Bring the portable instrument case to the site, measure :
◆ 3-axis RMS values and compare against the motor vibration specifications, judge for normal  or over-value.
◆ Examine the FFT data, look into the vibration energy distributions on frequency domain and  diagnosis for the four possible defects :
Bearing defects, In-alignment, Un-balance and Softfoot.
* The four items represent 90% of a motor’s mechanical failures.
◆ IoT and Smart Phones work together on the interactive diagnosis.
◆ Record all measured data and diagnosis results, for the motor’s future health reference.

Package Content

  1. AG-300 Plus 2, Gateway    x  1unit
  2. VB-200STU, Vibration Detector    x 2units
  3. Power Adaptor    x 1unit
  4. USD Power Cable    x 1unit
  5. Tool Box    x 1unit
  6. Box Belt    x   1unit


1. Time-Frequency Selectable

Gateway provides both time-domain and frequency-domain vibration signals; and these time-frequency signals are selectable at the smart phones.

2. Precision Frequency-Analyzer Replacement
Working together, the smart vibration sensors, IoT Gateway and smart phones jointly represent a replacement of expensive and precision Frequency Analyzers, at any place and any time.

3. All-in-One
The instrument integrates the three operations: vibration measurement, analysis, and diagnosis all into one operation; moreover, the diagnosis is operated interactively, in real time.

4. Plug-and-Play
All operations are powered by mobile power-pack, the diagnosis are done via wireless WiFi connections. No power wires, no network wires are needed, pure plug and play, amazingly easy to use.