In-house Services

Our in-house workshop is well-facilitated with industrial-standard dynamic balancing equipment, dip varnishing equipment and burnout ovens to meet any design, modification, repair and servicing needs. Coupled with CNC machining and brazing services, we are versatile in custom manufacturing products with high accuracy and time efficiency. This includes made-to-order motors requiring non-standard dimensions, special voltages or frequencies.

With a repair crew comprising highly qualified and skilled tradesmen, we are proficient in carrying out quick and efficient works to the highest service standards.

Below is a summary of our service capabilities:

Design, Manufacturing & Modification
  • Redesign and modification of electric motors
  • Modification of motor shafts and brackets
  • Design and manufacturing of control panels
  • Bearing housing services
Rewinding, Repair & Overhaul
  • Complete rewinding for all types of rotating equipment and AC motors
  • Repair of all electric motors, such as gear, brake, crane & AC motors
  • Repair and rework of rotor shafts
  • Overhaul, repair and reconditioning of rotating equipment
  • Overhaul of motors including re-varnishing and heating of stator coils
  • Replacement of motor bearings
Installation & Testing
  • Installation of motor accessories
  • Witness testing of induction motors
  • Motor smoke spill testing
  • Marine certification testing
Maintenance Support
  • Periodical preventive and maintenance service programs for all AC motor types
  • Inverter fault diagnosis
  • Technical advice and support
  • Dynamic balancing of rotor equipment
On-site Services

Our team of technical specialists can be dispatched around-the-clock in cases of unscheduled downtimes and emergency breakdowns. We specialize in immediate on-site servicing, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance with fast turnarounds.

TECO Electric & Machinery will support you with quick, safe and reliable service work to guarantee your operations will be back on track.

Below is a summary of our service capabilities:

24/7 on site services
  • General site servicing
  • Contract servicing for preventive or schedule maintenance
  • Field maintenance, reconditioning, overhaul and replacement of rotating machines
  • Installation, retrofit & dismantling  of  motors, control panels, drives and relevant equipment
  • Installation of space heaters, PTC thermistors and RTDs
  • Alignment of motor couplings with laser alignment or dial gauge methods
  • Replacement of motor bearings
  • Modification of control panels
Troubleshooting & Testing
  • On-site troubleshooting for motors and drives.
  • On-site testing & commissioning services

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